Issue’s at home, I love my mom to bits, but I CANNOT live with her for much longer without us tearing each others throats out. This is more serious then a car right now, I need to save up money so I can make sure I have a deposit on a place if I can find something cheap enough, or if I can find a place to rent with my friends But I NEED to get out, I cannot stay here for more then six months and keep my sanity. Please Please Please!!! If you cannot afford a commission then PLEASE reblog. I fricken hate asking for reblogs but im getting a little desperate to get out of this house. I dont just draw ponies I can draw other things too so dont be shy to ask.

Reblogging this for promotional purposes before work.

"Bitch is now an age."
— Hex on Skype chat

I’m at work right now, and I just wanted to take the time to say that each and every one of my followers is awesome and I wanted to thank all of you for keeping a collective interest in my blog despite my current episode of depression that I’m going through. It means a whole lot to me. ;~;

Thanks, folks.


Romancedys a shipper at heart even through all her proffessionalism, afterall a matchmakers just like a proffessional shipper *shot*

(thats kaga and hex as dolls)


missromancedy: this is your fault pffbt

Also I cant look at filly romancedy without laughing my butt off XD

Featuring again:
(because i ship it HAHA)



I’m talking to and right now and this what happened because of it.





That’s all I know.


Hexcubus: "̶͘M̛y̶̸ ̛͘d̵̛͠e͠ş́͜ires̴̨͠ ̶ą̴͢r͜e ̛́y̸̴͘ơ͝u͜r͘͏ ̷̸͢l͡i̵͞f̸͘e’͢s͏ ̶pŗ͏ío̶̵r͞i̶͝ţy ͘n͞o̵w̡͟~́͜͡♥҉̸̸"͘

Hexcubus: "̶͘M̛y̶̸ ̛͘d̵̛͠e͠ş́͜ires̴̨͠ ̶ą̴͢r͜e ̛́y̸̴͘ơ͝u͜r͘͏ ̷̸͢l͡i̵͞f̸͘e’͢s͏ ̶pŗ͏ío̶̵r͞i̶͝ţy ͘n͞o̵w̡͟~́͜͡♥҉̸̸"͘

stormmodblog whispered Well, either that or just respond with an ask of your own. You just admitted you like RPing, and its a good way to get to know you. So of couse people are gonna want to do that.


That’s nice, but let’s think about it from my perspective here:

I put out my Skype, most people will want to add me in droves. And that could quite possibly be overwhelming to me. I don’t like really having too many friends. That would mean too many things those friends would want me to do at once with them, and I really don’t have much…patience for it.

Too much of a good thing can be bad, and being pulled apart by every single friend that I have is definitely something I wouldn’t look forward to.

blazsword whispered Ah i remember being on this blog before but forgot about it. Anyway it's rad to see you do nsfw art to and what not. So good work!

Thanks. Feels good to be appreciated, porn or otherwise. :P

stormmodblog whispered So... watch's your Skype for those interested in trying to talking/RPing/both with you?


You think I’m going to post it here?

Anonymous whispered Could someone be permitted to RP with you on Skype and befriend you if they wanted to? (Too shy to go on normal so I'm anon'ing.)


Yeah, but that’s really if you interest me in the first place.

There’s  also a lot of folks I’ve added that I never talk to, even if I TRY to engage in conversation with them. And it just makes me even more nervous when they don’t respond.

But I digress. RPing (mainly smut, shut up) is a good way to start. I like descriptive sentences. 

My Rules of Friendship are:
-No over buttkissing. Flattery is great. Doing it all the time is not.
-Don’t belittle yourself. I make friends to stand with, not for them to stand down.
-Starting conversations with strictly RPing stuff without saying hi or asking how I’m doing is a major flag. It just tells me you don’t care about me and just want your RP fix.
-Don’t be obsessive. It sorta touches on the first two points. I don’t need someone to praise me like I’m some diety. Being a god sucks.
-This is a very rare case, but if I tell you I don’t want you to search or see or find anything about me, DON’T DELIBERATELY DO IT. I’ll cut you off in an instant.
-Be yourself. Don’t put up a front. Speak to me as if you speak to anyone else.
-Not having a good grasp of the English language is completely fine. As long as I understand what you’re trying to say, we’re cool.

-Tip: Video games, art, and music are the best ways to my heart. If you got any to share, that’s a major bonus on your part.

Rules of engagement here.

If it makes you happy I didn’t see anything of what they’re talking about

It was porn I drew. If you really really REALLY want to see it and the other stuff on my porn blog, just send me an ask and I’ll provide.

missromancedy replied to your post: phokingazn replied to your post “FUCK…

We see allllllllll ~


phokingazn replied to your post “FUCK WRONG BLOG SORRY!!!”

We saw


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