MOD notes: The holy relief comes, because the Summer Sun Celebration is over (for me)! Finally, I finished these fine pictures, and… actually, I wanted more, at least one or two in addition, but I had no more time on my hands.

Now, I hope everyone likes them, and the featured ones don’t mind these anthro shots. Yes, I made it in anthro, because… why not? :D ButohwellIstillcan’tdrawhand


Red Fire
Ruby Rue
Ickle Muse
Miss Romancedy


OMG, this art! The lighting, the shading, the pretty little details, fine lines, gorgeous coloring, nicely toned females and the dance with Hex!


This made an exhausting and troublesome day all the more worth it, coming home to this pleasant surprise! Thank you so much, Miss Pen! ; A ; Everything is just so gorgeous. I want to pay you back for this so much!
So I Have a Bit of News

Y’know that job I that I really hate? The one at the Bakery/Deli? Today is my last day there.

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thatfancypone whispered Due to Steams shitty search system I seem to be unable to find you :x Do you have a custom url? Cus that would be easier to find you with.
Here’s my Steam


Just search for Hex Pony.

Here’s my Steam

Just search for Hex Pony.

Omg, guys!

Steam and 2K are having a sale on their entire catalog until the 24th. Which includes Borderlands 2~!

I have the Game of the Year Edition, and it would be AWESOME if more folks would get this so I can play with them! It’s a great TPS with RPG-like level and skill allocation. And most of the DLC is pretty great, too! C’mon, folks! Let’s play!

ask-hexandtesla whispered Hey there~♥


1. First impression: I like his art. I wonder what he’s like?

2. Truth is: You draw a lot of butts. But you’re pretty nice. eve

3. How old do you look: I don’t think I’ve ever seen your face.

4. Have you ever made me laugh:  I don’t believe so…

5. Have you ever made me mad: Nah. uvu

6. Best feature: I don’t really know you enough yet to pinpoint something.

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nope.

8. You’re my: Friend.

9. Name in my phone: Hex.

10. Should you post this too? If you want to.

Eh. Good enough evaluation. We’ve only just started talking with each other, after all. ^^


*Heavy breathing*

Get it get it~ WARNING: NSFW


commission for inkie-heart-artttttttttttttttt

OOooooohohoho, early birthday present?! Niiiice! Thanks, Inkie, for commissioning this! He looks nice and disgruntled about something, or maybe he’s recognizing small details about his surroundings. Either way, he looks focused, and it’s just great!




ask aerosalt replied to your post: I think I’ve realized the problem with…

At least your’s doesn’t have the same expression all the time ahahhhh. =u=

Bedroom eyes for days though, amirite? Eh? Ehhhhh?

Wait, do you mean Aero or Hex? Or both?


Why, the most handsome, beautiful stallion on Tumblr, of course! Gaze into his vermilion orbs and be seduced~♥

On the other hand, Aero looks like she wants to kill someone almost all the time, which I’m totally okay with. I like that about her. Plus her mane game be crazy. 

ask-ghostly-mist replied to your photoset “Here’s a Cristice rump then. I swear, if I keep this up, butts will be…”

Like Backy?

Pfff. That would be an achievement…

Here’s a Cristice rump then.

I swear, if I keep this up, butts will be all that I’m known for.

ask the little misfit filly replied to your post: I wish I would apply more of myself to…

I understand as well. I am ridiculously slow with my artwork. But no one’s judging you. Don’t judge off OTHERS paces, only yours. Seriously, it’s really really not worth stressing over. Tumblr is meant for fun. Have it.

Yeah, I know. I guess I have this unconscious force of nature that wants to be able to please everyone, that wants to not get a shred of anon hate (which I really haven’t gotten much of, if at all, surprisingly), and that wants to do it at a constant, steady rate at the best of quality.

But after seeing what I said, it does feel like I put a lot on my shoulders without really noticing. So maybe that’s something I need to work on. 

If folks like it, okay.
If not, fuck ‘em.
If I can make someone smile from the beauty of the color to the nice shape of Hex’s rear end, that’s what should make it worth it in the end.
And I’ve made friends that never doubted me as much as I’ve doubted myself. Maybe I should start getting on their same wavelength.

styrofoam-butt replied to your post “I wish I would apply more of myself to my art, but I simply…don’t feel like it.”

Yeah, I pretty much feel the same. Though I think I am just very impatient with myself.

Yeah, maybe that’s part of the reason. I, for some reason, don’t like working on artwork for more than two days, and I think my potential suffers for it. I know creating art is supposed to be enjoyable, but for some reason most of the time it feels more like a chore without me totally realizing it or having the patience to constantly go over something again and again with lining and coloring.

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