No more.

No more complaining.
No more self-shaming.
No more depression.
No more bullshit.
No more ‘waiting.’
No more backing down.
No more settling.
No more existing.

It’s time I moved forward.
It’s time I make things happen.
It’s time I do things to my own beat.
It’s time I change for myself.
It’s time I stop feeling sorry for myself.
It’s time I stop letting myself down.
It’s time I set a trend.
It’s time I lived.

It’s time.

Another character concept bust,

I’m hoping to introduce her sometime soon. This is Miss Vex.

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Have two character concept busts.
Pretty sure you can guess who that is on the right.

ask-a-whiteshark replied to your post “Yeah, I Messed Up.”

what happen, tell us !

I’m over it now, but…

Tried to make a compliment to an artist.
Turned out it wasn’t a compliment.

The End. 

Yeah, I Messed Up.

Good going…



That odd moment when you think you’ve offended someone when trying to compliment them, but can’t really tell from the reaction they gave.

asksweetcream whispered all the freakin time. then you feel like a horrible person for feeling that way. for a while. then you have to just find some release and find something else to distract you until you realize whatever it was, really doesn't matter as much as you felt it did.

Sorta describes my relationship with video games as my main mode of stress relief from work and other things as I described. Hence, the lack of updates.


Has anyone ever felt happy for your friends but your competitive side in you wants to also punch a hole in the wall out of pure jealousy? Is this healthy? Is it okay to feel this way sometimes?

ask-the-little-misfit-filly whispered Hey. How are you. So. I've seen your art for awhile, before I myself started a tumblr. And I've always thought your art is absolutely stunning. The way you draw eyes is stunning. Thought you'd like to know. And remember, you don't have to be that "one person" that inspires someone's entire blog/career. But I'm sure you've inspired many people, even for just a moment, and that adds up. It adds up to a big difference.

What you say means a lot to me, honestly. I work hard on my art whenever I can, and for every character I want to at least make their eyes stand out and look different among one another.

I’m still trying to get over the ‘I’ll draw when I feel like it phase’ and also not have too many distractions around me. A full-time job also doesn’t make this task much easier to accomplish or tolerate. That way I can maybe make more meaningful updates, like I see other folks doing here and there, putting out a string of panels that definitely shows how much work they’ve put into their craft. But I just can’t get there yet with the aforementioned attributes of my dilemma. 

It sounds like I put a lot on myself, doesn’t it? I’ve got few friends I’ve made on here that believe in me more than I believe in myself, and fewer that also act like the sun shines out of my ass. To know that they love what I do and can’t wait to see what I come up with next…it’s refreshing. And in return, it inspires me to keep at it and improve.

…Did I just solve my own problem?

I wanna be inspirational one day. Or, if I am, I wish for it to be more affirmed. Cause I don’t feel like I’m making much difference sometimes.

You’re the best, little sister.


Does your oc have a crush on mine? S.C. or Spades? I’m curious.

Hex: "Now… I could really care less. She was great scenery on the way back from Canterlot High, but that’s about all I could regard her as from that far down on the street…Didn’t want to bother her work by shouting; pretty sure she got plenty of cat calls then, too…"


Took me a month to print it out (whoops), but there it is, where it is, until the mounting fails (not soon, if other framed prints are any example).

Thanks for making something out of a vague idea, all those months ago!



There’s my art!
On someone’s wall!
For some reason this is making me feel emotions that I’m not ever used to feeling and it just SO AWESOME THIS IS THE BEST THING!



Hex: "The biggest and blackest!"

Hex: "The biggest and blackest!"

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